No the tittle

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Hi everybody... i would to share my story, sometimes you feel the world not fair to you, but you know it's wrong, i have trouble but i always  have answered, i don't know from where. actually i couldn't speak english, but i was learn if i making mistakes in my writing, please be advised.

back to the topic! now i understand, perhaps you feelling hit a wall  and too lazy  to change and you blame a person? i ever felt it, not easy to move on but your family can help, they are always have to take care of you and allmost be with you.. i'm sorry if you don't haven't because your parent or someone special for you to pass away.. you can pray with your religion.. it's little bit helped,

"what you think is what you get" if you think never give up, your brain and your heart will following you.

"good speaking are good listening" if you talk about your feeling to your parent or someone special, they always tell the truth because they care about you and never hiding of anything if it's good for you

" don't forget to love and keep loving how you are " i think somebody believe if you love your self, you never lost control, because it's very important many people not really can reins by self. but you can be a winner.